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During this time of uncertainty - LFS is taking a few extra precautions. While we have always held cleanliness in high regard we are, however, expanding on that concept and sanitizing our offices throughout the day. This includes washing hands often, and using Lysol on door handles and seating areas.


Here are a couple suggestions on how to best avoid unwanted contagions:

1. Instead of utilizing the waiting rooms - wait in your vehicle and your clinician can direct you to your office once your session is ready to begin.

2. Use Tele-medicine. Tele-medicine can be utilized via your computer, phone or other device that allows video streaming. This process is completely secure and HIPAA compliant when using an app such as This particular app is user-friendly and best of all - free!

Feel free to contact our office for more info. 


All the best! 

Personal Hygiene
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